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Extreme Environment 
ParaLED® Solid State Light Engine

Working temperature range from -80°C(-112°F) to 145°C(293°F)

ParaLED® Series utilizes the latest Chip-on-Board (COB), Driver-on-Board (DOB) packaging technologies and high voltage linear driving technology to provide a trueSystem-on-Board(SOB) lighting solution. This SOB series is industry leading extreme temperature tolerant solid-state lighting source. It is LM80 tested to 145°C(293°F) and MIL-STD-810G tested to-80°C(-112°F)

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  • High Bay Lights

  • FloodingLights

  • Street Lights

  • Explosion Proof Lights

  • Harsh environment lights

Designed and Build for the
Extreme from Ground Up

The Brilliant Advantages

  • Temperature tolerant and tested COB/DOB technology

  • Simple linear LED driver architecture
    • eliminate the need for electrolytic capacitors

  • No noisy switching circuit operations
    • Low EMI/EMC by design

  • Low parts count and small driver circuit size

  • DOB technology eliminates driver thermal management
    • Driver electronics share the same thermal path as the LEDs

  • Designed and manufactured for the extreme environments

  • No inrush current

  • Efficacy great then 130Lm/W at 55 °C 

  • LM80 tested at 145°C for 9,000 hours

  • Cold temperature tested at -80°C  per MIL-STD-810G

  • All the electronics are tested together with the LED
    •Ture life test for all components

  • Power factor > 0.9

  • Low THDi  (< 20%) option available

  • Lumen adjust option available

  • BAA Compliant

  • UL recognized components

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