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High Performance

LED technology

Superior solutions for the most demanding environments.

For almost three decades, Brilliant Info Corp has dedicated our business to develop solutions for the most challenging engineering problems. From workforce management solutions to the development of energy saving products, Brilliant Info has met and exceeded customer's requirements. Since our founding in the US in 1995, Brilliant Info has designed and manufactured highly efficient power supplies and extreme environmental tolerance solid-state lighting solutions. 

Advanced Products

ParaLED® Series utilizes the latest Chip-on-Board (COB), Driver-on-Board (DOB) packaging technologies and high voltage linear driving technology to provide a true System-on-Board (SOB) lighting solution.

  • 9,000 hours LM80 tested at 145°C(293°F)

  • MIL-STD-810Gtestedat-80°C(-112°F)

  • Powerfactor>0.9

  • Low THDi option available

  • No inrush current

  • Low EMI and EMC

  • Build in 2KV Surge protection

  • Environmentallyfriendly: RoHS and REACH compliant

  • UL recognized


Extreme Cold ​
Temperature (-80°C) Tests

We conducted a extreme  cold case study on our COB  over an 8 hour period to demonstrate the high performance of our light engines.

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